AIM extrudes its own 100% polypropylene fibers, allowing industry leading flexibility and customization.


AIM Fiber Products™ ...

the Right Choice for

Sustainable, Affordable,

Insulation Solutions.


Our Products are:
• Designed for acoustical and thermal applications

• 100% Polypropylene (performance & properties)

• Lightweight with high loft

• Hydrophobic

• Excellent flammability characteristics

• 100% recyclable (scrap buy-back)

• Will not support fungus, mold or bacterial growth

PolyZorb™ is a lightweight, high loft, synthetic fibrous insulation blanket designed to provide excellent acoustical and thermal performance. It is comprised of 100% polypropylene micro-fibers with a spunbond scrim surface for added strength and fiber protection.

AutoZorb® II and AutoZorb® II CF
AutoZorb® II and AutoZorb® II CF are lightweight, high loft, high performance synthetic fibrous insulation blankets. They are designed for use in applications that require excellent acoustical and thermal performance.

AutoZorb II is comprised of 100% polypropylene microfibers with a spunbond scrim on both sides for added strength and fiber protection.

AutoZorb II CF has a proprietary acoustical scrim on one side, and spunbond scrim on the other, providing an additional level of acoustic performance.

Performance Customization

• Large product selection: STD - NP(New)

• Ability to tune acoustical performance for specific target

• Ability to use various surface treatments to match design requirements

Product Cost Optimization

• Tuning acoustical performance with cost target consideration

• Web slitting and shape optimization to reduce scrap

• Rectangles cut in manufacturing process to reduce off-line costs

Total Solution Approach

• Material Selection

• Customized fiber for acoustic and cost targets

• Several options are offered to adjust performance and provide mechanical design flexibility

• Custom colors and scrims

• Sample generation of both fiber and parts

• Roll slitting to size

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