Melt Blown Polypropylene Acoustical Blanket

PolyZorb™ is a lightweight, high loft, synthetic fibrous insulation blanket designed to provide excellent acoustical and thermal performance. It is comprised of 100% polypropylene micro-fibers with a spunbond scrim surface for added strength and fiber protection.

PolyZorb™ is specifically designed to absorb sound and provide noise control. It is used in a variety of applications which require excellent acoustical efficiency in minimal space including appliances, appliance foam dams, office furniture, high-fidelity speakers and other acoustical applications.

• Superior acoustical performance
• 100% recyclable
• Hydrophobic - prevents build-up of weight and odors
• Does not support fungi or bacterial growth
• Unaffected by oil or grease
• Non-linting
• No dust
• Supports clean, safe, friendly manufacturing environments
• High loft for excellent acoustical absorption at low weight
• Compatible with virtually all attachment methods including ultrasonic welding, heat staking and gluing

PolyZorb™ comes in widths up to 80" (2,032 mm). It has a spun bond polypropylene facing on both sides. Custom products between 6 and 20oz/yd2 (20 and 60g/ft2) and up to 2" (51 mm) thick are available by special order.


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